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Check out our latest catalog for updated pricing, new price breaks, new part listings and more! For custom or special order part requests, please send us your inquiry to Swissturn/USA, J.I. Morris Miniature Fastener Division, where you can upload your drawings and request a quote!

J.I. Morris 2021 Catalog

Swissturn/USA Acquires the J.I. Morris Miniature Fastener Brand

We are pleased to announce that Swissturn/USA has purchased the fastener line of miniature number and UNM screws, self-tapping screws, hex nuts, flat washers, and turned parts from J.I. Morris Company. The J.I. Morris Company brand is recognized as the premier manufacturer of miniature fasteners.

We welcome the J.I. Morris customers to Swissturn!
Swissturn/USA is a world-class precision Swiss screw machine products manufacturer.

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Very few people have a comprehensive knowledge of miniature screw threads. You can become one of them by carefully studying the information available on our website Included is data from standards developed by several organizations (many of which our company helped to create) and information generated by us from applicable formulas, directives and experience. It is important to remember that many standard calculations, such as feeds and speeds, are not applicable to miniatures. Also, increments as small as .001″ can make a big difference in the ability to produce a satisfactory result.

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