Very few people have a comprehensive knowledge of miniature screw threads. You can become one of them by carefully studying the information available on our website Included is data from standards developed by several organizations (many of which our company helped to create) and information generated by us from applicable formulas, directives and experience. It is important to remember that many standard calculations, such as feeds and speeds, are not applicable to miniatures. Also, increments as small as .001″ can make a big difference in the ability to produce a satisfactory result.

1: “Thread Information” contains a wealth of data including composite dimensional tables which allow you to compare different sizes to arrive at the most suitable and economical solution for your application.

2: “Useful Information” covers many topics on the features, use and pitfalls of miniature screw threads.

3: The “announcements” window on the home page contains changeable information such as vacation notices, new offerings and other guidance. You can enter our website in many different ways that do not bring you to the home page, so it is important to go there before leaving the site. In addition to the “Announcements” and “Useful Information” as well as a complete presentation of “Thread Info” (data for a specific item group is accessed from the product page), it has a complete listing of all the items we make which you may need to go along with the item(s) chosen. The prices shown are always current and are available from stock unless a notice appears, when you enter the quantity desired, requesting a telephone call for delivery status. An icon on the home page enables you to print a complete catalog (a single page of an item group is printed from the icon on that page).

4: You may complete your education by contacting our experts for help with your particular problem. As in all endeavors, experience is the greatest teacher. Even though we have been making small screw threads for over sixty years, we constantly gain new knowledge to add to our data bank. Take advantage of this and many times seemingly insurmountable problems can be quickly solved in a short telephone call.


Handbook H-28, Screw Thread Standards for Federal Services

ANSI B1.10M, Unified Miniature Screws, American National Standards Institute

ANSI B18.6.3, Machine Screws (inch series), American National Standards Institute

NAS721, NAS722, NAS723, NAS724 NAS725, Aerospace Industries Association

MS21268, MS21269, MS21270, MS21271, Military Standards

Data from some of the above standards can be found in “Machinery’s Handbook”
For latest revisions of the above standards, search the internet