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For 100 years now, the J.I. Morris name has been recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of miniature fasteners. With Swissturn/USA’s purchase of the J.I. Morris Miniature Fastener line, the company is well-positioned to serve medical device manufacturers, research laboratories, hobbyists, and many other industries that demand high precision miniature fasteners.

The J.I. Morris Miniature Fastener Division of Swissturn/USA stocks over 10 million screws, nuts, and washers from 0000-160 to 2-56 and Unified Miniature thread sizes from 0.5 UNM to 1.2 UNM. Included in our standard line are screws made to a variety of National Aerospace Standards. NAS721 (Miniature Fillister Head), NAS722 (Miniature Pan Head), NAS723 (100° Flat Head), and NAS724 (Miniature Binding Head) screws are usually available from stock. Flat head, flat fillister, oval fillister, and hex head screws are available off the shelf in brass and 303 stainless steel materials. Stainless steel nuts are available in thread sizes 0000-160 (say “quadruple-aught-one sixty”), 000-120 (say “triple-aught one twenty”), 00-90 (“double-aught ninety”), 0-80 (“aught eighty”), 1-72, and 2-56. Brass nuts begin at thread size 000-120 through to 2-56. We also stock flat head and flat fillister head 303 stainless steel self-tapping screws in thread sizes 000 (“triple aught”), 00 (“double aught”), 0 (“aught”), #1 and #2. These are commonly used by neurology research laboratories to attach electrodes. J.I. Morris Miniature Fasteners can provide special orders plated with cadmium, zinc, silver, gold, and nickel. In addition, we can often provide certification to satisfy the requirements of DFARS 252.225-7014, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals.

With the integration of the J.I. Morris Miniature Fastener Division into Swissturn/USA's state-of-the-art CNC Swiss screw machine facility, J.I. Morris Miniature Fasteners can now offer a greater range of special head styles, thread sizes, and customized fastener design configurations.



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