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Modern climate controlled plant fully sprinklered with fire and security systems to assure consistent product composition as well as availability when needed.

Latest equipment for production and inspection and computers for processing, engineering, quality and machine control, estimating and financials.

Quality Control Department uses in process and final inspection procedures approved by the leading aerospace and military contractors.

Pioneers in miniature screw thread technology and developing materials to improve surface finishes. In business for over 75 years with a solid financial standing, we are small enough to give you personal service and big enough to meet your most exacting requirements and production needs.

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Quality First

Quality is our prime objective. We make our own thread tooling and gauging on a full automatic CNC controlled thread grinder assuring close dimensional sizing and geometric positioning on screw threads from 40 to 400TPI and Metric with diameters from .010″-250″. Measurements are made accurate to .00001″ on our opto-electronic measuring machine in a controlled atmosphere environment. Screw machine cams are computer generated and produced on through hardened, flat ground cam blanks to duplicate the precise control of CNC screw machines. The Company’s Quality Program meets the stringent requirements of government contractors and assures reliable parts with an insignificant rejections rate. Dependable delivery is next in importance. Our large inventory and variety of stock items is monitored by computer programs to insure quick availability. Computerized order enter, shipping and billing systems are designed to get order on the way until late in the day. Specials can be fit into the schedules of over fifty machines to accommodate tight delivery requirements

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Very few people have a comprehensive knowledge of miniature screw threads. You can become one of them by carefully studying the information available on our website Included is data from standards developed by several organizations (many of which our company helped to create) and information generated by us from applicable formulas, directives and experience. It is important to remember that many standard calculations, such as feeds and speeds, are not applicable to miniatures. Also, increments as small as .001" can make a big difference in the ability to produce a satisfactory result.